Sunday, January 25, 2015

What if we cared about those living in poverty as much as we care about celebrities?


An Australian politician has reportedly left Australia to fight ISIS

Well meaning. But very naive. Let's hope he doesn't end up like those other unfortunate souls who were decapitated on video.

Op-Ed The Trans-Pacific Partnership won't deliver jobs or curb China's power

This article comes from someone who is an expert on the subject and worked for Reagan and Clinton:
As counselor to the secretary of Commerce in the Reagan administration, I was involved in a number of trade negotiations, including the so-called MOSS (market-oriented sector-selective) talks. Some veteran negotiators waggishly renamed those negotiations — to paraphrase in family friendly terms — “more of the same old stuff.” And that's what President Obama called for in his State of the Union proposal for completion and adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement, or TPP, for the Asia-Pacific region.

The president, unfortunately, doesn't know much about the history of U.S. trade deals, but his proposals are being touted by many who do and who should know better about this one.

Analysis: Secret Israeli-Saudi ties likely to continue despite Abdullah's death

 This kind of article wouldn't appear in the U.S. press. There is no debate about our relationship with Israel in America. Any paper that wrote an article like this might be accused of being anti-Israel, or worse:
The tacit security and intelligence cooperation that has come to characterize Israel’s clandestine relationship with Saudi Arabia is likely to remain intact even as the House of Saud undergoes a transition of power following Thursday’s passing of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

“The changes that the Middle East has experienced in recent years have created a set of joint interests between the two countries,” said Dr. Michal Yaari, an expert on Saudi foreign policy and a lecturer at the Open University.

Barrett Brown Conviction Part of Reign of Terror Against Hacktivists

While the U.S. government is free to break into computers and networks--illegally--all others who do the same are treated like al Qaeda terrorists. It's all about power. We don't have it and the government does. And if you complain about it you will go to jail. Thank goodness that there are those--like Brown and Edward Snowden--willing to risk their lives so that we live free:
...Barrett Brown is nonetheless the latest victim of what advocate and lawyer GrĂ¡inne O’Neill has dubbed “the nerd scare”: Over the past couple of years, scores of hackers have been arrested in a single, unprecedented, cohesive swoop—and largely in direct retaliation to politically motivated hacks, such as those organized by the collective Anonymous. These hacks are not about getting rich—they are digital direct action intended to increase transparency and to protest censorship and corruption.

Man Acquitted of Stabbing a Police Officer, Juror says he Was “Protecting his Family

When have you seen this? Some justice for someone is a victim of police violence. But it's still a rare event, unfortunately:
A Texas man has been acquitted after being accused of stabbing a police officer during a violent confrontation with six “amped up” police officers.

A jury of seven women and five men cleared Shane French, 38, of four counts of assaulting a peace officer and three counts of resisting arrest. After the incident in February, French was originally charged with attempted murder.

Pope Francis Wants All Annulments To Be Free

Pope Francis on Friday (Jan. 23) warned the Vatican’s top marriage judges that they should not “lock the salvation of persons within the straits of legalism” and indicated he wants the church to no longer charge for the sometimes onerous and expensive annulment process.

“This is a point I want to emphasize: the sacraments are free,” Francis told jurists of the Roman Rota, the church’s final court of appeals for annulments.

“The sacraments give us grace,” he said. “And a marriage proceeding” — like an annulment — “touches on the sacrament of marriage.”

“How I wish all marriage proceedings were free of charge!” he added.

Netanyahu 'spat in our face,' White House officials said to say

This demonstrates what little respect foreign leaders have for this President. And that's very dangerous. It's also shows that Republicans will do anything to attack Obama. There whole agenda is to attack this President. If the Democrats had done the same thing to a Republican President they would be screaming "treason."

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Conservatives At Iowa Freedom Summit Would Rather Not Talk About Gay Marriage

This shows what frauds politicians are--of either party:
Many topics animated GOP officials, activists and operatives that gathered at Saturday's Iowa Freedom Summit, which marked the unofficial start of the 2016 presidential primary.

But an issue that once faced vehement opposition within the party -- gay marriage -- remained conspicuously absent from the lips of many speakers who took the stage, demonstrating how dramatically politics around the issue has shifted in just a few years.

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.'s skid row

Over the last two years, street encampments have jumped their historic boundaries in downtown Los Angeles, lining freeways and filling underpasses from Echo Park to South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a city-county agency, received 767 calls about street encampments in 2014, up 60% from the 479 in 2013. 

Some residents believe the city is exporting its downtown homeless problem to their neighborhoods. But social service agencies and volunteers say it isn't that simple. They say that although downtown development and skid row cleanups are squeezing out some homeless people, many camps are filled with locals.

These videos from Mariupol show life under Russian bombardment

Remove the masks that blind you.

A Gitmo Sergeant Cries Murder In The Case Of Three Dead Inmates

The official version says three Guantanamo inmates committed suicide in their cells. Former Army sergeant Joseph Hickman insists the men were killed.

Man Accidentally Spends over 200 days in Jail


Man Accused of Taking His Dead Mother’s Body to Bank to Withdraw Money

Not cool:

A Minnesota man has been accused of taking his mother’s dead body to the bank to withdraw her money hours before he reported her dead. Plymouth County authorities are already investigating David Vanzo for elderly neglect and financial exploitation of his mother.

But Vanzo says he did nothing wrong and denies the allegation.

“My mother and I had an agreement,” he told a KMSP reporter. “I took care of my mom for years. I’m the good guy here, not the bad guy.”